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About ARPC

Using an Air Arms Ultimate Sporter Carbine, equipped with state-of-the-art HD Digital Optics for day and night shooting I'll work with you to compliment your existing pest control regime exerting extra, and real pressure on pest populations!


ARPC Introduction

Fully insured with BASC, I offer a free service for both commercial and non-commercial organisations. I work alone, I have a NO POISON promise and I deliver visible results!

In this video, I cover how I work, where I work and the benefits of using air rifles over traditional fenn traps and poisons when dealing with rats.


ARPC Are Effective

From the video above, you can see how rats think they're safe, hiding in the dark but the moment I switch to Infra-red Night Vision, they're clearly visible. I then quietly and accurately dispatch them as they hide around machinery, buildings, containers and all those tight spots where they'd otherwise be extremely active, remain invisible, inaccessible and causing costly damage.

Importantly (as you'll hear in the videos) the rifle I use is whisper quiet and won't disturb nearby livestock or your neighbours.


Day And Night Setup

I often get asked what equipment I use for my pest control. This video provides a quick view of my main day and night setup.

  • Air Arms s510 Ultimate Sporter (sub 12ft/lbs, 0.177)
  • ATN X Sight II HD 5-20 x 50
  • CRUK Laser Rangefinder
  • Evolva T20 Infrared Illuminator (850nm)


Silenced Rifles

I use pre-charged silenced Air Rifles to ensure your neighbours don't hear anything and nearby livestock aren't disturbed!

Poison Free

Poisons are often harmful to the environment, birds and other animals through secondary poisoning. Shooting ensures only the pests are targetted!

Visible Results

Where possible I leave dispatched pests in a safe zone designated by the land owner/manager for disposal - see the results!

Privacy Guaranteed

Your business or property is treated with utmost privacy and I never discuss work undertaken on your property with any third parties.

No Cost

Because shooting is my hobby and sport, I offer this service FREE OF CHARGE, even to businesses! Zero cost to both land and business owners!

Dark Ops

Using state-of-the-art Night Vision, I can work at night, the best time to manage pests like rats, rabbits and ferel pigeons and outside of most business hours.


Testimonials are genuine but like all work, images, videos and locations, they are anonymous. A decision made to protect the privacy of landowners and managers.


Estate Manager
Jonny has hammered the rat population on our estate. We stopped deploying poisons because we have a growing Barn Owl population and secondary poisoning is too great a risk. Jonny picks off rats in barns, feed stores, grain silos and areas I'd never even have seen with outstanding precision and zero risk to our livestock and roaming wildlife.


We never saw a single rat during the day, but we knew they were there because we had damage to machinery, seed bags were chewed into and barley was strewn across the floor. Jonny visited from 8PM on an evening and stayed several hours. Gladly, he always leaves me a nice bright yellow biohazard bag (containing rats!) the morning following his visit. It is astounding how many rats appear at night! You don't have rats? You DO have rats! Top man! We're winning!