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Air Rifle Pest Control

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About ARPC

Fully insured with BASC and with over 20 years shooting experience, I work with companies and private landowners across Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, offering free pest control.

I work alone with guaranteed discretion and reliability and I use air rifles to target pests directly meaning I never need to use traps or poisons!

Modern air rifles are extremely quiet and very reliable. They are in fact the perfect solution to pest problems like rats, feral pigeons, rabbits and grey squirrels.

Many landowners understandably worry about air guns being used on their property, but silenced, low power air rifles (which require no Firearms Certificate) are absolutely perfect for discrete and highly effective pest control!

Thermal and Night Vision

Thermal and Night Vision gives a whole new view on an otherwise hidden world of heat and darkness.

Thermal identifies and pin-points heat signatures and heat sources (day or night) while Night Vision allows me to see everything otherwise hidden in total darkness, both at a range of up to 100 yards!

Combine all this with laser rangefinders and shots are accurate, and deadly!

Nest Discovery
Rats Nest Discovery

A thermal scan of a hay barn identifies a hidden rats nest. Totally undetectable by human sight or touch, the thermal camera picks it out like a burning candle in a dark room.

Night Vision Setup
Night Vision Setup

Infra-red night vision makes the otherwise invisible world of darkness, visible, but keeps me hidden. I can see pests hiding in total darkness and hit them hard!

The Rifle

My preferred rifle is the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter in .177 calibre, shooting single shot 4.52mm pellets.

This is a beautiful rifle (often used by airgunner and journalist, Mat Manning in The Airgun Show) and perfect for use around the farm and livestock. Thanks to the QTEC Moderator, it's whisper quiet. It uses a 10-shot magazine to allow for rapid reloading if a follow-up shot is required quickly.

See the S510 in action on a farm shoot in this episode of The Airgun Show. See how accurate, quiet and discrete this rifle is.


Silenced Rifles

I use pre-charged silenced Air Rifles to ensure your neighbours don't hear anything and nearby livestock aren't disturbed!

No Poisons

Poisons are often harmful to the environment, birds and other animals through secondary poisoning. Shooting ensures only the pests are targetted!

Visible Results

Where possible I leave despatched pests in a safe zone designated by the land owner/manager for disposal - see the results!

Privacy Guaranteed

Your business or property is treated with utmost privacy and I never discuss work undertaken on your property with any third parties.

Zero Cost

Because shooting is my hobby and sport, I offer this service FREE OF CHARGE, even to businesses! Zero cost to both land and business owners!

Thermal Scans

Using Thermal Cameras, I can find hidden nests, vermin hot-spots and track animals where conventional methods simply won't cut it.